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Interview by Jen Rodd

Interview with Mildred Hofkes by Jen Rodd of
This interview is all about an ambitious high flying woman, Mildred Hofkes. She was born in the Netherlands. Mildred creates her career and world around a set of skills which her beloved grandfather once pointed out to her,  would steer her in a true and right direction – research!
She developed an impressive and affective research and analysis model at university of Groningen, which she has been using in all her businesses and seminars. Her ambition is to analyse, better understand, and empower the healthy heart beat of (large) organisations and companies.
Hear Mildred’s open en detailed journey, about how she started her businesses, and also created informative seminars, which gathered top leaders in the Netherlands. Learn how Mildred also came to realise, that parts what she had created herself, was no longer serving her truth at a certain moment.  Find out how she made changes to her own creation, so that she could better serve herself, her heart, her family.
Mildred speaks about her recent trip to India, and that learning about the ‘family systems’,  really helped her to understand herself better, and what is important to her in this life time.
This is an inspiring story for all changes makers, leaders, women and men, business owners and entrepreneurs, and ambitious souls wishing to make their own life count for something!!
Mildred provides tips and ideas which can stimulate positive change for all!!

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