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Bureau Hofkes Reputation Management

The way an organization is perceived by its stakeholders, is constructed upon its behavior and actions, and captures the meaning of reputation”.

Mildred Hofkes, founder and managing director of Bureau Hofkes Reputationmanagement.

Bureau Hofkes Reputation Management was founded in 2006 by communication strategist Mildred Hofkes. In the Netherlands, Bureau Hofkes is the first independent consultancy desk that specialized in reputation research. The Hofkes Method is unique in placing the main focus on the ability of an organization to connect to the outside world and has proven to be very effective in terms of effectively managing reputation.

Internalize outside information to the core of your organization

For every organization it is essential to know how the outside world perceives the organization and whether they estimate your behavior and actions as trustworthy. Bureau Hofkes measures and analyzes the reputation of your organization from various stakeholder perspectives (e.g. customers, employees, suppliers, shareholders, etc.). This enables the measurability of complex concepts, such as trust, reciprocity and satisfaction. By answering the following questions, one gains valuable insights on how to work effectively at the organization’s reputation:

1. What perception do you have among your stakeholders (customers, employees, businesspartners and other stakeholders)?
2. To what extent is your organization receptive towards signals from outside?
3. How does your organization internalize these signals?

Bureau Hofkes’ reputation research enabled us to gain valuable insights about our clients’ experiences and perceptions. This led us to concretely directing our organization towards the internal improvement of our reputation. We intend to execute a second measurement, to evaluate whether our clients perceive our internal improvements.
Ing. Jan Luiten, Managing Director, Mobilis infra

Every innovation starts with awareness

Bureau Hofkes works along the lines of its core principle: to measure = to know = to improve. Bureau Hofkes translates the organization specific research data into practical starting points of improvement. The clear feedback from your stakeholders will help you in the process of actively working on your reputation. Furthermore, the Feedback Factory can help you train your employees towards improvement of the reputation values. Please visit the Hofkes Method for more information or contact us via 023-528 1040.