Mildred Hofkes (1971)

Mildred Hofkes, founder and owner of Bureau Hofkes Reputation Management (BHRM) in 2006 and founder of the independent platform NieuwBestuur in 2010.
She has managed the National Reputation Congress, an annual event for executive managers, board members and regulators, since 2010.
In 29 March 2018 the 6the National Reputation Congress will take place in a special edition: The NewGovernance Forum

In 2009 she published a management book, ‘Change of Power, solutions for
the new managerial elite’. Through years of research into the leadership of
businesses and public sector organisations, Hofkes has developed a new perspective on managing: ‘New Governance’. From this vision she developed the New Leadership Model for Governance, which she recently presented with success to 80 executive managers and regulators at the National Reputation Congress in the Netherlands. In October 2013 Hofkes became a member of the new ‘shadow cabinet,’ an initiative of Hans Biesheuvel, former head of middle and small enterprise association MKB-Nederland, to provide an alternative, entrepreneurial-inspired vision on government policy. Mildred serves as Shadow Minister of Leadership Renewal and, together with her fellow shadow ministers, writes provocative columns on her ministerial speciality in the Netherland’s largest daily newspaper, De Telegraaf.

Hofkes is a researcher and consultant in the field of strategic reputation management and ‘New Leadership’. With her team she helps executive managers, boards and regulators to look ‘from the outside in’ and helps them measure their reputation and stakeholder value.

“In the last century we made great progress exploring outer space.
The next exploration humanity will need to undertake is into inner space. For how well do we know our mind, our inner world?”

Tenzin Gyatso, XIVth Dalai Lama